How it's made: My Tech Blog

First things first, welcome! Let's go through how this site was made and a little Q&A about why I did things the way I did. So let's get straight into it, I built this site using:

  • Framework: React/NextJS
  • Programming language: Typescript
  • Posts: MDX
  • Hosting: Vercel

If you wanna see how the code looks like then you can check it out on Github

It's a NextJS statically generated site where the articles are written using MDX, a way to write markdown combined with React code meaning I can just create a new markdown file, write an article and push it for it to be visible for the world. For CSS I used Tailwind simply because it's the only way to make CSS tolerable.

What will I be posting about?

Oh a little bit of everything. This here will pretty much be a place where I write and explains things that I learn since I find that one of the better ways of really getting things to stick in my head is to explains them to other people.

Recently I have been diving deeper into how things actually work behind the scenes in Javascript/React/Next so there might pop up a couple of posts about that but I will also be posting about building CI/CD pipelines, choosing Test Automation frameworks and other DevOps stuff as well. I'm also looking to dive into Rust so some Rust content might start popping up soon.

Currently I am aiming at a post per week but there might be more some weeks and much less sometimes when life gets in the way.

Are you the greatest developer ever? Why would anyone listen to you?

Yes, the literal God of programming.

Jokes aside, like I said in the previous question I mostly write these articles to spare my wife and friends from listening to me babel on about it. And who knows, maybe you will learn something new if you stick around.

Why NextJS & React?

Mostly because I enjoy using those technologies. I thought about giving Svelte a try but I have some other ideas where I'll use Svelte instead. Also the way NextJS handles routing and static site generation felt like a great tool for making this kind of site.

Why Typescript?

One might think that Typescript is overkill for something as simple as a blog but I am one of those few people that enjoy type systems even though the Typescript typing system is not one of my favorites. So unless I'm using JS to solve leet code problems or something similar I'll probably go for TS instead.

typescript meme

Why are you not hosting you articles in a CMS or Database?

I simply saw no reason to over engineer what is very simple to make. Maybe in the future if my post count gets so high that maintaining mdx files is impossible I might integrate with a DB or CMS but for now I see no real need for it.

Why Vercel?

Because NextJS and it's free.

That's all for this post and don't worry, future posts will be of higher quality than this (propably not but I will try).