About me

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Hi! My name is Jannis (Pronounced Giannis like the basketball player) and this here is my little corner of the internet where I write about my thoughts, things that I learn and opinions I have on all things Web Dev, Cyber Security, DevOps and Test Automation.

I have a passion for pretty much all things code, both Frontend and Backend as well as building CI/CD pipelines, test automation, cyber security and working with Cloud. I created this tech blog mostly because I have noticed that the best way for me to really deeply learn new things is to explain them to other people. So to spare my wife from listening to me talk about how Playwright is better than Selenium or the latest Javascript framework I thought that'll instead write about it on the internet for anyone who want's to listen.

Other than that I live in Stockholm, Sweden, I have a beautiful wife and daughter, I enjoy watching Formula 1 and Basketball (mostly NBA), I like reading about self improvement and stoicism and I strive to always learn new things wether it is to improve my skills or something completely new.

My preferred tools

  • Code Editor: Neovim
  • Front End: Typescript, React/NextJS, Svelte/Sveltekit
  • Back End: Go, C#, Typescript
  • Operating System: Ubuntu, Kali